Tuesday, June 29, 2010

P.E. at Tamaki College

As I wsa walking to Tamaki College I was full of excitment and I couldn't wait to start playing all the terrfic games.Me and Selina was walking with Mrs Crother as we got inside Tamaki College I was so excited to see mr Borland.

As we were waiting for Mr Borland all of us was excited but as Mr Borland walked into the room, Mr Borlandasked us if we did our homework that he gave us. But Mr Borland said never mind you can do your homework next week, cme on, come in, now we can play the games you have been waiting for.

"Mr Borland" as I asked what game our we plaing,he said we will be playing touch but I have some rules to tell you "ok"."Yes" Mr Borland we all said. Mr Borland said that there was a new rule I was like "yes", Mr Borland said that only your partner has to chase you and touch you, and get the ball for their team, so tthey can get a try and get a point.

Mr Borland said he will explain the intructionsthe intructions were to explain, because we had a new boy in our class, he said to find a partner and sit next to each other.

Paragrah-4-When Mr Borland said we were going to play a game called touch I was like “Wow” I,ve never played a game of touch the way Mr Borland playes. He playes all kind of ways like you can pass the ball forward. Mr Borland said we have to get a partner and sit next to our partner. I was like can we find anyone, Mr Borland said yes but a partner that you dont get along with.

Unfortunately at the end we came a tie with this other group but that was "ok". But if the ball hits your goal you will get a point, but if you get a point you will lose the game. Thats why I tride to get the ball to the other group and they will get a point.

But at the end we all worked as a team and we came a tie with Ala's group.You should check it out for yourself if you are the next class to go to Tamaki College for P.E.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Which Compound Word?

At last we have finished our project. We have been studying compound words.
Do you know what a compound words is?
If you know what a compound word, is take a look at this try and guess what it is. I have some clues:
1. You can find it at a store or at a store with lots of nice delicious cakes.
2. Their is a delicious banana in the middle of this delicious cake.
3. We have put a nice chocolate at bottom.