Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Ago

Well I have just finished my one and only MTV movie.Staring Me, Selina L and Tyla.
The song that we are singing is Long Ago, performed by the Herbs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cross Country for 2010

As I woke up I cringed' because I knew we ere having a team Cross Country. but I still got out of bed and walked to school reluctantly

In the cold and raining weather, surely it would be postponed in

this weather.

“No” our race is about to begin. The ten year old girls are starting to line up, and I can feel butterflies are starting to enter my body. They have come because I am so nervous. I’m panicking, my breath is coming hard I can’t stand to come last.

Right on cue Said “Mr Burt” as we lined up to go and race.

I was scared on your marks get set go. When I sore the other

Competitors spurting down the track. I through I was going to lose.

Half way around the field my energy drained out.

As we just gone out the gate all the spongy, watery, gluey,

And slimy mud went through my fingers as I slept and “splash”

I still got up and kept going until the very end. I can hear people cheering other people on. I looked up and saw Ala crossing the finish line and then Selena.I was like I need to get to the finish too,

I said in my head ( Champions never give up).

When I zoomed past lot’s of people I said in my head(yes I did it.)I know I didn’t come first or second but unless I crossed the finish line. As people were cheering me on and other people on, I just said in a tired, Trembling voice I have finally done it.

When I sat down on the grass, I felt tired. But I had a rest but my heart was still pounding. I felt worn down down. But when Mr Barks said Eight year old girls to the start line all the girls went. I asked mr Barks can I run again, I had confidence to run after I had

had rest to run with the eight year old girls.My leg weren’t tired enough.But Mr barks said “no”.

Cool Kiwis

It’s not that they are all small.The smallest is the little spotted kiwi and it is smaller then a rugby ball.

The biggest kiwi is about 45 cm tall and as big a rugby ball.

Female kiwis are larger then male kiwis.

The biggest kiwi is about 45cm tall. It is about as big as a rugby ball. kiwis are or can grow to a certain size like 45cm of height. But as you must know that the kiwis name is The Great Spotted kiwi.

I suppose people wouldn’t call kiwis bright coloured, they only have brown rough plumage. A kiwi skin is so rough that it is not as smooth as another birds. Other birds have beautiful plumage, but kiwis don’t they only have brown dull plain feathers. The most ridiculous thing is their bill.

Did you know that a kiwi is a flightless bird. Well many people think that kiwis have no wings, but they do, they hide underneath there brown plain plumage.They also have a curved claw at the end of their wing. If a kiwi was ment to fly they will need to have a tail.

Did you know kiwis use their legs for digging their borrows and running away from their preys.

kiwis have strong island legs and feet. They can also

out run a average person.

Female kiwis lay their eggs in the borrows, the father kiwi sits on the eggs for 2 and half months. It takes 3 days for the baby kiwi to hatch, when the baby kiwi comes out it cuddles up to it’s fathers plumage. As soon as the kiwi is about 6 months old it can leave it’s borrow and travels by it’s own.

Most birds can glide through the air kiwis can’t. Some birds have nice coloured feathers, but kiwis don’t. There is even a birds that can swim under ice cold water kiwis can’t do that.

And there you have it. How could you resist a big fat, strong rugby player legged, flightless bird, which is ugly and drab?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don’t no what is!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The life Education caravan

On Thursday 22nd of July me and my class went to see Harold.As we sat down we learnt all about how to clean yourself and how to keep clean. We learnt all about how to clean yourself. Well we just did all of these flash cards, to help us understand.
Just as we were just about to leave Harold came out of his room. Because we were learning about how to clean our self properly well Harold gave us a treat to take back to class well he gave us some books, and some other stuff. As we were learning our lesson at the life education caravan I learnt how to keep myself healthy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesians come to New Zealand

Polynesians travelled by canoe, thousands of years ago to a land called New Zealand. They say that the canoes were 15 to 25 meters long. The canoe is made out of planks and a woven sail to guide
people to land.

Experienced trained navigators were directed from the sea swell. They were searching for sighs
to get to there new land. Unfortunately only a few manged to get across the stormy sea to Aotearoa.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Immersion Assembly

As we entered the hall and we sat down we all sour what we were learning about on the screen. Only thing is that we didn't know how to pronounce the word properly but just then Mr Burt
pronounced it. I didn't know how to pronounce Mighty Mariners that was a good thing that Mr Burt pronounced it our I wouldn't know what we were stuiding.
Then Mr Burt showed us a movie about the Mighty Mariners it was so cool. But as we got back to class I was like I don't know anything about Mighty Mariners, that means we get to learn something new, this year.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

P.E. at Tamaki College

As I wsa walking to Tamaki College I was full of excitment and I couldn't wait to start playing all the terrfic games.Me and Selina was walking with Mrs Crother as we got inside Tamaki College I was so excited to see mr Borland.

As we were waiting for Mr Borland all of us was excited but as Mr Borland walked into the room, Mr Borlandasked us if we did our homework that he gave us. But Mr Borland said never mind you can do your homework next week, cme on, come in, now we can play the games you have been waiting for.

"Mr Borland" as I asked what game our we plaing,he said we will be playing touch but I have some rules to tell you "ok"."Yes" Mr Borland we all said. Mr Borland said that there was a new rule I was like "yes", Mr Borland said that only your partner has to chase you and touch you, and get the ball for their team, so tthey can get a try and get a point.

Mr Borland said he will explain the intructionsthe intructions were to explain, because we had a new boy in our class, he said to find a partner and sit next to each other.

Paragrah-4-When Mr Borland said we were going to play a game called touch I was like “Wow” I,ve never played a game of touch the way Mr Borland playes. He playes all kind of ways like you can pass the ball forward. Mr Borland said we have to get a partner and sit next to our partner. I was like can we find anyone, Mr Borland said yes but a partner that you dont get along with.

Unfortunately at the end we came a tie with this other group but that was "ok". But if the ball hits your goal you will get a point, but if you get a point you will lose the game. Thats why I tride to get the ball to the other group and they will get a point.

But at the end we all worked as a team and we came a tie with Ala's group.You should check it out for yourself if you are the next class to go to Tamaki College for P.E.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Which Compound Word?

At last we have finished our project. We have been studying compound words.
Do you know what a compound words is?
If you know what a compound word, is take a look at this try and guess what it is. I have some clues:
1. You can find it at a store or at a store with lots of nice delicious cakes.
2. Their is a delicious banana in the middle of this delicious cake.
3. We have put a nice chocolate at bottom.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This term we are learning about volcanoes. I have found out lots of stuff abount volcanoes
because our topic is Active Earth. Active Earth is a really cool subject to do at school because
i like leraning about new stuff like volcanoes. Some volcanoes are extinct but they can still come
alive and erupt.When volcanoes erupt lots of lava comes out and after a while it will turn into hard rocks.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Camp highlights

"Hey!" I told myself, camp is today I remembered. As I walked to school I saw the lovely teachers, as they were putting up our tents. As I was walking around school I was thanking all the people who were putting up our tents.
My group travelled by car and van to rock climbing.My best rockclimbing wall was the king kong
wall because it was very easy for me to climb.I can tell you now that there was another wall that
was easy too, because it was just like a ladder but it had a ladder on both sides of the wall. I only climbed on one side of the wall.
"Yeah" I shouted "we are going to do camp cooking".
Camp cooking was one of my best highlights at camp too. When the camp cooking teacher arrived we set off to do cooking. The nice teacher said that we could try some of the food we made. When we set off back to our teacher we all said "thank you".Then she said, "We aren't finished yet." We were going to make marshmallow cookies.

On the last day of camp kindness all of the campers went to Swimarama and had a wonderful swim. When my group went on the hydro slide I was 4th in line to go down and when I went down I feared the slide because it was so dark in there. I was screaming to get out, thenI saw light and stopped screaming. When I was down I got out and started to laugh. I said to myself "Let's do it again".

When I got home I walked in the door tired and sleepy. I sat on my bed just about to close my eyes and I heard "Aneisha! Come here tell me about what happened at camp."
I said my best highlight was rock climbing, but it was all good.
by Aneisha

Early Settlers came to New Zealand to Farm

The early settlers came to New Zealand to farm.
There was lots of spare land here.
They bought the land from the Maori.

Swimming in the Holidays

Have you ever been up north? I have. It is so cool up there I didn’t want to leave.
We went to a place my uncles call it the waterhole. It is cool because you can’t touch the ground. Me and my sister jumped off a cliff that was high from the water.

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