Monday, April 19, 2010


This term we are learning about volcanoes. I have found out lots of stuff abount volcanoes
because our topic is Active Earth. Active Earth is a really cool subject to do at school because
i like leraning about new stuff like volcanoes. Some volcanoes are extinct but they can still come
alive and erupt.When volcanoes erupt lots of lava comes out and after a while it will turn into hard rocks.


Mubasshira said...

Hi Aneisha.

What a wonderful post. I really like how you said 'Active Earth is a really cool subject to do at school because I like learning about new stuff like volcanoes'. Even I like to learn new things. I especially like to learn about volcanoes and Earthquakes. They are so interesting. I will have another look on your blog some other time. I really enjoyed reading your post. If you want to have a look on my blog copy and paste this URL that I am giving you in the address bar. or click on my name.

Thank you,

Chanel said...

Hey Aneisha
What great picture of a volcano. Hope you have learnt so much stuff about volcanos. I like how you talked about volcanos being extinct well done.

Your Sincerely,

Brooke said...

Hi Aneisha i really would like to see if you have any more work you could put on the internet

Anonymous said...

Howdy Aneisha,

what an awesome post! See what you can do when you sit down and put your mind to it. I know you can produce wonderful work, and it's up to you to keep it going. Forget what other people are doing or thinking, focus on yourself and your work and you'll see the amazing prgogress in what you do! Well done and aim high!

Koe, Mr Hunia