Thursday, July 22, 2010

The life Education caravan

On Thursday 22nd of July me and my class went to see Harold.As we sat down we learnt all about how to clean yourself and how to keep clean. We learnt all about how to clean yourself. Well we just did all of these flash cards, to help us understand.
Just as we were just about to leave Harold came out of his room. Because we were learning about how to clean our self properly well Harold gave us a treat to take back to class well he gave us some books, and some other stuff. As we were learning our lesson at the life education caravan I learnt how to keep myself healthy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polynesians come to New Zealand

Polynesians travelled by canoe, thousands of years ago to a land called New Zealand. They say that the canoes were 15 to 25 meters long. The canoe is made out of planks and a woven sail to guide
people to land.

Experienced trained navigators were directed from the sea swell. They were searching for sighs
to get to there new land. Unfortunately only a few manged to get across the stormy sea to Aotearoa.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Immersion Assembly

As we entered the hall and we sat down we all sour what we were learning about on the screen. Only thing is that we didn't know how to pronounce the word properly but just then Mr Burt
pronounced it. I didn't know how to pronounce Mighty Mariners that was a good thing that Mr Burt pronounced it our I wouldn't know what we were stuiding.
Then Mr Burt showed us a movie about the Mighty Mariners it was so cool. But as we got back to class I was like I don't know anything about Mighty Mariners, that means we get to learn something new, this year.