Monday, December 12, 2011

Year 8 Role Model.

I am looking forward to being a year 8 to support the whole school. Helping teachers around the school and following the Point England way. This year was not a good start to being a role model. I have broken the school rules not once but over and again. I have learnt my lesson so I am looking forward to being a sensible person and care for others. Me and my friends have decided to join in several sports like Rugby, Netball, Touch, and many more. I will be responsible around the little kids and help them in any way I can. I also hope it is going to be an exciting year since it is our last.

The year 8’s now have really been a good role models, l and have helped many year 7’s know why it is good to follow in their foot steps. Paulitia has been a good friend and has helped me control my attitude towards teachers and students. I have really learnt how to act in front of teachers and students with the help of Paulitia.

What makes a good role model?

Helping others and taking charge of your own actions. Following the Point England way by not breaking the school rules.

Who is someone in year 8 that has been a good role model.

Paulitia has been a good role model because she has helped me through this year and some day I hope I can follow her and became a leader of this school.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Prize Giving

Yesterday was a day of stress. Teachers are running around helping kids get ready for the year 5,6,7, and 8 prize giving. There is two prize givings held at our school hall. Parents are seated and children making their way to there seat I tried looking for my sister. As I found my sister my family was seated to watch my sister doing her item. Our prize giving was at 7:00pm as I got home I went straight for a shower and something to eat before it started.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Athletics day.

ATHLETICS!! Wow what will my parents think if I rip my news letter all about Athletics?
I can just hear them growling me now. Athletics was a day of sports that many people came to support all there children. So I just gave the letter to my mum and ran away. As my mum call my name I sat in my room for a little while. Clothes I said in a little voice what colour group am I in. That’s right RED, but I did not find any red shorts so I grabbed my green shorts and ran out the door. Making my way to school I saw people walking around in house colours so I ran to the street and saw many of my friends.

Pharrah, and Pesi came to me and started talking about how excited and what people thought of what they were wearing. Off to the toilet to get changed I noticed Tina actually came for athletics. I as entered the street in green shorts people said are you in Matatua. I responded with NO I am in Te Aroha. Making our way to the field I was wondering who out of my family would come and support me and my sister. As we head to our first rotation I saw my aunty and cusin’s walking down the side path. Finally some one came! enjoying the first rotation I tried soft ball throw. I came 3rd and then eventually people came in places before me so I just left.

Moving on to the next rotation made me a bit nervous, but I just carried on doing the activity’s.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Film Festival

Jumping with excitement as the little kids boarded the bus to Sylvia park. They set off on their journey to watch the the other school’s in the Manaiakalani cluster, and to enjoy their movies they have entered.

So as we boarded the bus I found a seat next to my friends. My class entered a movie it was about the pollution and the main actors was Sela, Helen, Tia,Kezia,and Tanielu. I was looking forward to watching our movies on the big screen.

Walking reluctantly into the movie theater made me worry about who and what was in there.
Sitting next to Maranda & Pharrah was really funny. As the people behind us thought we were eating lollies made us get into trouble with Mrs Clark. Then the movies started playing and people were cheering.The other school’s thought it was a competition on who can cheer the loudest.

The introduction was done by a girl name Tatiana from Tamaki Intermediate, while she was presenting the Manaialalani movies a loud cheer was heard. It came to the start of presenting the Manaiakalani film festival. All kinds of presenters went on stage and all schoolscreamed when 1 or 2 of there presenters went on.

The movies I liked was the one when the Tamaki college girl's were dancing and were covered in mud.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Space adventure

Something hit the ground and then... POP! There goes Saturn and then Neptune. What is going wrong here? Trying to attempt to make planets with balloons was out of control. Balloons were popping, planets were disappearing.

First we tried to do it outside but then it rained. We actually tried our experience on how much we learnt about our Solar System. Then students started co-operating together trying to help but it was just not working. SO then we got each sensible person to blow the balloons up, in many different colours. The one I liked best was Earth, the colour of Earth is blue but our one was orange.

The second attempt was very interesting, but again we ended up popping balloons.Our planets went in order from the one that was closest to the sun. Having a discussion about the universe was a change in many people's life, and what I mean by that is several people did not know that Pluto was a planet. Now it is called a dwarf planet. What a strange name.Learning about how the planets orbit around the sun was exciting.We did a comparison about, Mars,Venus,Neptune,Uranus,And many more.Demonstration and demonstration was getting a bit boring,in the end it was all worth it.

Mercury! I wonder if it is possible that we can live on that planet someday.Well If it was possible then I would just visit.Mercury is the fastest planet to move around the sun.Gravity in space is not like gravity we have here on earth, we have stronger gravity then space. Up in space we can float around in the air,that would be fun. Living on Earth is better,seeing nature running around in tress and on the ground is really cool,and fascinating.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Holiday Highlight.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! As Mr Burt shouts. It’s the END of a fantastic, exhausting term. Yeah as the Kids jump up and down. “ SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER” Yes I can finally sleep in, that’s what the teachers are probably thinking. What am I going to do in the holidays! Work, sleep, or clean my room? Well we should find out. Saturday was a special day after the first, my cousin was turning 8 and he was celebrating his birthday at the zoo. Me and my nana, my cousins,and my auntie & uncle are going. Sadly to say that this is the last time that he will have his birthday in New Zealand. I have figured it out “SLEEP”.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cross Country

As I woke up at half past 6 in the morning I looked for my bag and found a cross country notice, that said we had cross country today.I yelled quietly and ran back up the stairs and got ready for school. When my mum got up I said "can you write me a note"? She said " What for?" I said" we have cross country and I don't feel like running". My mum said "no" so I got some clothes to run in and went to school.

Meeting my friends at school and telling them what was happening I thought it was a dream. Suddenly it wasn't a dream it was real. I turned around to see people walking in with house colours. So my friends got changed and I waited at the front gate to find my other friends who weren't at school yet. Then I left because I waited for about half an hour.

A couple of mintes went by and suddenly I heard my name been called. It was the girl that I was waiting for. We started to walk around in the street until we had to go inside to get ready to go walk to the courts. I stepped foot inside our class room to find Mrs Lagitupu standing there asking us if we were changed in our running clothes. I said "no" so she said" go and get changed".

As we lined up to get ready to run I was so nervous. On your marks, set, go! We all started running faster and faster we went. I slowed down around the corner to find my way in front of Maranda. Seeing Mr Umu standing there guiding us through our run I thought to myself I don't want to do this, this is boring and tiring.

Standing there was Mrs Lagitupu yelling at us to keep jogging and power walking. I stopped and started talking to her saying "Mrs can I be a marshall like you? But I'd probably guide people the wrong way". She laughed and said "keep running". Ohh man! So I kept running and found myself running straight to Mr Jacobson. I ran past some of the girls to see Ala coming first.Then I kept running till I reached a point that I couldn't run any more.

Finally I found my way back through the gates to find other competitors that I challenged screaming at me to run. But I walked .Spectators and other student were watching me as I walked through the park. I looked up and started to jog.
I started to jog because of the people that were behind me, and also the spectators that were cheering me on. I didn't want to disappoint them by walking the whole way around the track. At the end of the day it all was a success, but I went home tired and my sisters didn't make it any worse.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams:
born 3 August 1985
He is a New Zealand rugby union player and a heavyweight boxer.
He started his professional rugby league career with the Canterbury Bulldogs in the Australian NRL.
He is only the second person to represent New Zealand in rugby union after first playing for the New Zealand Kiwis, and the first to do so since Karl Ifwersen in the 1920s.
He is also the only athlete to simultaneously pursue careers in both professional boxing and international rugby

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ireland presentation

This term we will be learning about the Rugby World Cup. My presentation is about Ireland which is one of the teams that is playing in the Rugby World Cup.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Holiday Highlight.

In the holidays my family and friends went to Rainbows End, to celebrate my cousin’s first birthday. As we arrived at the door of Rainbows End, I freaked out! I could hear the laughter and people crying. I thought to myself “should I say I don’t want to go inside?”. But then again I said I have to.

Going on the fear fall was the most scariest ride I could go on, apart from the Invader. The Invader was, I think, the most scariest ride too because it just spins and twists. Before we went on the rides we had to help set up the food and put stuff on the tables.

The first ride I ever went on was the Fear Fall. I was so surprised when I went to line up. No one was there, except a few people. Then I turned, and said “ why are there no people here with us?” Normally it was full of people. On the Fear Fall it was pretty scary, but I didn’t want to get off. We came down fast. Sitting next to me was these people who had tears coming down their face. The belts came off and I ran out. Standing there staring at me was my family. They all laughed. I wondered for a moment what was wrong. I was the only kid out of my cousin’s that went on. Then I laughed.

All the rest of my cousins were too scared of the ride. I could tell that at the end they all went on and I waited on the ground waiting for them to come out. Then the rest of my family and Il laughed at them because they were crying.

On all the other rides I didn’t fear to come on. The Invader was my worst nightmare ever. As we all got on the ride, we were scared because it looked like we were going to hit the ground. Moments later our fear disappeared somewhere and we just had fun. The next ride I went on was the roller coaster. It was pretty boring just going upside down.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Brief Development: 1st Brief

Conceptual Statement:
(What is the concept or idea behind your design brief? e.g “To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of...”)

(The measurable must haves ie. the things that are important to designing an effective sign e.g. sign must be easy to read etc...)
1.Has to have colour.
2. Message has to stand out so people can read it.
3.Sign has to be in the right place.
4.Sign has to stand out.
5.The colours have to be bright to stand out.

(Musts that are beyond my control e.g. Must be completed by the end of the term)
1.Finished at end of week 7.
2.Design a sign.
3.Has to solve the problem.

(things I need to make the sign)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planning Log

Keep a record of both what you intend to do and what you did over the course of the next 3 weeks as we work through the Technology Process.

Week 5Week 6Week 7What I plan to doBrainstormed issuesResearch questions Ideas more signsComplete the signsMaterials I will needPaper, pen, ideasGoogle Docs QuestionsGoogle Docs
QuestionsPeople/Sources I need to consult for more information.peers, friends, yourself, teacherPeers, friends, Year 7 7 & 8 kids My
What did you find difficult and why?To come up with 1 problem to focus onTo get the form done and sent
What I will do next as a result of any difficulties.Get more ideas for a good signAnalyze the data, check the answers

STAKEHOLDERSThe Stakeholders are the people who have an effect on the production of your productThe Primary Stakeholder is your client ie. the person or community of people that your sign is going to be created for. eg. ….Wider Community Stakeholders:Key Stakeholders:Primary Stakeholder:Parents

Year 7 & 8 students

ATTRIBUTES: These describe the physical (what it is like) and functional (what it will do) characteristics of a product. These characteristics are key or essential for the successful function of a product and should be re- evaluated at each stage of the design process.

With your sign in mind, complete the following attributes table:
AttributeMethod of MeasurementSpecificationeg. Eye catchingsign will appeal (be noticed) by stakeholdersSign must be clear, stand out and be creativeSizePretty bigSign must be big enough for everyone to seeColourA bright/appealing colourGreen/White/Black/readableCreate awareness (e.g. clear message)Stop littering
Durable/ Weather resistant

Ideal location (in the right area)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designing a sign

Names of people in my group:

Your task is to design a sign that will clearly assist in eliminating a problem within our school.

- Make sure you are clear what the task is.
- Can you identify the key words in this task (highlight them and discuss it with a buddy)

Thinking about signs and signage (Make a list of all the signs you have seen ….. and the purpose of the sign )
Type of sign:Purpose of the sign:
No smokingKeep a smokefree area. No smoking inside
Give wayTraffic sign. Look out for traffic e.g cars/trains/buses
Slow downNear a pedestrian crossing. Traffic Sign
No AlcoholKeep an alcohol free zone. No drinking inside

Brainstorm some Ideas/ problems that we have around our school environment.



You need to think and expand on your answers, one sentence is not sufficient.

What is your issue in our school? I think that a big problem we have around the school is littering.Our school is sometimes very messy and has rubbish littered on the fields and courts and Mr Malloy has to pick it up.

Who does it affect?
Mr Malloy, students, teachers

Why is it happening in our school?
Because people walk and eat, people are careless

When does it happen?
Before/after school, lunch time, morning tea

Where is it happening?
The Street, Around the whole school, Classrooms,

What needs to happen to prevent this issue?,
More awareness talks, Signs, punish people who litter, monitors, more bins

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This term our topic is about bigger,better, faster, stronger.In our immersion assembly the teacher’s put on a show, the sad thing is, we didn’t get to see it. We all went to Tamaki tech. I went from woodwork to graphics. We all walked back at morning tea, to find kids running around inside the street. It was so hard finding my bag, it was so out of control.

Weeks past and the whole year7/8 students found a programme, that involved knowledge and sports. It was called Taoga time. There was different teachers at every activity, I went sports, and music, next term I wonder what I will be in, I hope it’s something good. Well to tell you the truth there all good.People are getting more information about our topic so teachers say, manly they are getting there information from our Taoga time groups.Our Taoga groups have inspired us more then we learn in our separate classes. We split up into groups that stay the same throughout the year.

Monday, June 20, 2011

science roadshow

It was nearly the end of a beautiful nice sunny afternoon, when Mrs lagitupu we were going to Tamaki College.As I mentioned why.She said in a nice calmly voice " we are going to the science road show". I grabbed my lunch and started to eat. In a excited voice i ran out of the street, to asked my friends what happened when they went down to Tamaki College.They said " it was cool i bet you can't wait to go". A little while later it was time to go.Reluctantly we walked down to Tamaki College.

As we walk in the door to see all of those fascinating experiments, we sat in row's on the chairs.The presenters were talking to another group of kids about our age. There school was called st Heller's and they were almost finished with there session.
As they walked out of our the room the presenters were introducing themselves to us.After that the tutor's introduced themselves they showed us how Oxygen, fuel, and heat makes fire. All the experiments they showed were pretty awesome. We learned how much body heat is in our body's.In our body's the temperature is about 37oc.

Once we learned as much as they told they let us go find out more information. So off we went! We split up into our groups to find out more information we could find. The groups were not working for our school.We all just walked around and forgot about the groups. I tried to stick with my group and help them, but it didn't work. I went off on my own watching everyone discuss about what they had found.

I found some interesting experiments that were left on there own until i found out what they were about. Some people had these cards that had these questions on it. Those questions were for the people who new the answer, and they would win a prize at the end of the day. There was this one that you had to pull the handle and push it down and the ball would come up.

After a while all of us would go back to our seats. Then the tutor's would discuss what we found out. Some people reluctantly still walked back to their seats. When they pronounced the winners we all walked reluctantly back to school.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arumentative writing.

If a earthquake hit Auckland, three times, would you move to another province or town?

If the earthquake was as bad and all the buildings, were crashing down to the ground of course you would move. If the earthquake was just little and just shaking the buildings and the gravel was just falling a little, I would not move. If there was another earthquake after another I would move to another city or to a near town. Then I would move back to the city I came from, after a while And all the earthquake’s were probably gone. Then we would probably walk down the road Reluctantly enjoying our walk with no shaking and gravel falling. If the earthquakes kept coming 1 after another for the rest of the week, or month I would move for for a couple of weeks, until the earthquake’s stop.

Friday, June 10, 2011


About 15 years ago a new technology was invented.That technology is called a cellphone and many people use it.There are groups of people that use cellphones like teenagers, workers. and adults. It has been around for many years now, and it has changed over the years. Cellphones were invented for people to get in contact with others, also it can help you with your typing. Now in these days there are different types of phones. One of the types of phone is Vodafone, 2Degrees, and many more. Some phones cost over two hundred dollars. My phone cost over three hundred dollars.

Phones can now go on the Internet. People always use their phone to text, call, and use it to do many other things. Some phones can do recording, video calling, games and other things I can not explain. There are different kinds of colours of phones. You can get purple, blue, pink, and many other different kinds of phones. Did you know now in these days phones are causing damage to peoples brains. It came on the news, to warn people what phones and cell phone towers are doing to your brain.

Friday, May 27, 2011


About 15 years ago something called a cellphone was invented. Back then three groups of people had them. Teenagers had them when they started college, also workers and adults had them too. Now in these days children have them, at the age of 7. I got mine when I was 5 or 4. Types of phones we have is, Nokia, Vodafone, Samsung, and many others. My phone is touch screen,and it comes with a little pen. Cellphones weren’t used by many people in NZ when Mrs Lagitupu was around, or any other teacher. A cellphone could do many things, like calling, texting, music, and others. The thing I like most was texting and calling. You can get text 2000, and free calling.

Well all phones are the same, but some aren’t. Some have internet and some don’t. People have got phones that certain simcards can work in, like Vodafone phones can’t use 2degrees simcards.
2degrees, phones can’t use vodafone sim cards.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Earning points.

In the senior classes we are collecting points to see what class behaves at the end of the term, to win a prize. So far our class is coming last, because we are too noisy, or we are talking when the teacher is talking. In first place is room 19 with 590 pts, and we only have 225. The goal is for us to
be quiet and sit up. But we also need to get stickers in our whole school assembly.

We need to practice how to sit still, stop talking, and behave better. We need about a hundred points to catch up to the next team, or maybe more. We need to catch up because it is embarrassing coming last. The way we can get points is doing the right thing, get stickers, sit up, and be a lunch box hero.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holiday Highlight

When the exciting holidays were almost over, I was exploring the lands on a beach near the duck pond with my family. As I run around on the hard sand with my cousins, out of the blue I get tired and I sat down. My little cousin’s caught me and started chucking the hard sand at my face. It was kind of funny at first, but then it got worse and worse, it was getting sorer and sorer. I got up and started running again, and then they got tired and they sat down. I just kept on running to where my Aunty was to take cover. I went back on the sand and started to play and then they came so I said to stop it and play, so they did and I carried on playing. It was lunch time and we had some chips and drinks. It was so nice, then I asked them to cover me with the sand. I just laid there like nothing was happening, then they started chucking sand at my face. I got up slow but I couldn’t, because the sand was to hard.
We went to the duck pond and started watching the ducks having a feed. All of them came to watch to but then I walked away and left them there. After that we had a swim,I went right out far, but I had to go back in because the kids were following me. So I went back in because of them. It was so boring because it was shallow and you couldn’t swim only lay on your stomach. With a feeling of tiredness we went home and had smoked fish and chips, It was so nice. I haven’t had smoked fish in a long time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Term 1 highlight

Finally school is almost over, I have been waiting for days.
I am just waiting for Friday to come, it is 4 days away. Then my sister will be turning 7 and she will be getting all the money I was supposed to get for the holidays. I so forgot it was her birthday this weekend when we finish school.

This term my favourite highlight was when we went on camp. The only thing I liked about camp was, when we were doing rock up. When we were doing kayaking with Mr Burt it was cool. I got in the double boat with Emilee. I was at the front and Emilee was at the back. When we were paddling I was wetting her and it was funny and sad at the same time. She got me back by doing it back to me, It was hard for her to do it to me because she had to go forward and I was going back. Mr Burt told us to go at the same time, me and Emilee were going at different times. That’s why we almost fell out of our boat.I was trying to tip us over so we could go for a swim early, but Emilee didn’t want to so I stopped. She It was funny trying to get out of my boat I tried my hardest to get out. Then we went back to our tents to get our clothes ready for our shower.

Yay the holidays are finally coming, can’t wait!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I do like/dislike about my friends.

What do I like/dislike about my friends?

Well I like how my friends are so kind to me when I’m feeling down and when I’m upset.
They made me feel welcome when I started this school, when I was in Year 4.
They still look after me just like I do for them. My best friend is Selina L. She was so kind when I started here at this school. I have a whole lot of friends like Selina L. There’s Pesi, Maranda, and so on. I can’t name them all, it will take for ever.

What I dislike about my friends?

I hate it when my friends go behind my back and spread stuff about me.
I mostly hate it when it’s about all my friends. That’s not very nice what they do when my friends find out what they’ve been saying. They will get mad really mad fast and do something that they will regret for a long time. I have done stuff that I regret from I think 2 years ago. I don’t regret it any more , because I’ve never done it again since then. My friends always talk about other people that’s why they get in trouble from the teachers.

My favourite part about having a friend like Selina.

Selina is the best friend I have ever, had last this year. This year I have started to get to know other people like my other friends I didn’t play with any of them when I was with Selina. Selina is playing with other people too. It’s so nice getting out there finding my new friends. I was playing with my friends but I didn’t want to leave Selina, because I knew we were all going to be in other classes. It is so cool playing with other people just like Selina is, but we still say hi to each other when we are walking around the school.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fantastic Camp!

On the second day of camp, Mrs Nua called out “hidi ho campers”. I got out of bed and got dressed. When Helen and Sela opened the tent it was so cold. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, but then I changed. When I stepped out side my tent, I screamed softly. I walked around to find my friends and chatted to them. I think I asked one of my friends “did you have a nice sleep last night in the cold windy night?”. Then I walked away! I don’t know why but I just did.

The best thing I did at camp was Rock Up and the meals that we had. It was so cool how I
played in all of the games , because I don’t really like doing sports. I’m not really a sports girl only when I’m in the mood to play. I really think I was in the mood that day I think, or I had to or one of my team mates that was in my team for rock up.

“Hidi Ho campers, time to get up”. That’s me I’m up and ready. “What’s our fitness today?” I ask
Mrs Tito on the last day of camp. She says “we are doing some jump jam”. Its one of my favourite fitness activities I like to do. The funniest part is that I don’t even dance. I just stand there and watch every one else dance, even the people that know how to do our jump jam are still trying. When Mrs Tito came to our side to see if we were dancing, I just started to dance because Mrs Tito would of growled us and made us do lots of jobs. But then I stopped again then just stood there with my friends. It was hilarious to watch all the other kids. Then it was over! Finally we had to get our plates, forks, spoons, bowls. As my group went up there was no coco pops left so we had to have something else.

Camp was cool. I loved hanging out and relaxing with my friends. I loved the food that we had and the hangi was nice.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

It started with a big BANG, then crash landing on the ground was a big massive rock. After that there came a lot of after shocks which left disturbed buildings crashing down, leaving a big mess in the middle of the road, and making the cars crash.

Seeing people stuck in buildings that were crashing down was devastating to watch. All the people who are trying to save them are trying their best. As we get to the church, that was up for a lot of years, had been completely smashed into pieces of stone.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tamaki Tech

All of the year 7/8 kids went down to Tamaki College for technology classes. As we walked down to Tamaki college one at a time, me and Tyla was walking and talking at the same time.

When we walked past, all the Tamaki College kids were getting smart. When we got inside to our station this lady magically appeared from the back. She said to wash our hands and put on a apron, then find a kitchen to stand next to and wait. Then she started talking about the rules.

By the way I'm in the food tech. When she was talking she said her name was Ms Heka. When she said we were going to make a some sticky buns I thought she was kidding. But in the end she wasn't. When she pulled out all the ingredients she said one at a time come and get your stuff you need and go back to your station. But she said to decide with your partners who was going to be the washer and dryer and packer awayer. So we decided.
I was the was the dryer.

As my friends from another class walked to their station I was wondering where they were going. They might be going to Electronics, wood, graphics or science.
Before we got ready to make our sticky buns the person who was washing the dishes had to go and get our trolley filled with all the kitchen stuff we needed. Me and Tyla and the other people in our group worked togther and made our lovely sticky buns. It wasn't that hard to make It.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Holiday Highlight

Well it all started on the 5th of February 2011. Me and my family went to watch this touch team called Tamaki College. The touch team was playing at Grey Lynn park.

As we arrived the teams were just about to play. Tamaki College was down one player, so my brothers girlfriend had to jump in and play for the team. It was the most funny game
I have been to. It was a mixed team of girls and boys. On the 2nd game they played, there was this boy that kept pushing all the players on the Tamaki College team. All the people
on the side line was telling them to push him back. He was even pushing the girls. The school he came from was called Mt Albert. I think that team Mt Albert is the name. I think it is. I’m pretty sure that’s the name. Well let’s get on with the story.

As It’s getting to the last half hour, Tamaki was in the lead. Mt Albert’s got the ball and they are going to score but here comes along a member of the Tamaki College team and tags the person , who has the ball. She gets him and then the games OVER!! But the people of Mt Albert team
was mad especially the boy with the ball. He got the ball and chucked it on the ground
and went to his side of the field. When the game was finished they all shook hands
and then they went down the hill to their next game. We left to go home.

On the way home we got some peaches. It was me and my auntie who got those peaches, and then we started eating all of them one at a time. They were so nice so we got some more. So me and my auntie was eating them on the way home and never shared it at all to my uncle and cousin. They were getting smart to us so we gave some to them.