Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This term our topic is about bigger,better, faster, stronger.In our immersion assembly the teacher’s put on a show, the sad thing is, we didn’t get to see it. We all went to Tamaki tech. I went from woodwork to graphics. We all walked back at morning tea, to find kids running around inside the street. It was so hard finding my bag, it was so out of control.

Weeks past and the whole year7/8 students found a programme, that involved knowledge and sports. It was called Taoga time. There was different teachers at every activity, I went sports, and music, next term I wonder what I will be in, I hope it’s something good. Well to tell you the truth there all good.People are getting more information about our topic so teachers say, manly they are getting there information from our Taoga time groups.Our Taoga groups have inspired us more then we learn in our separate classes. We split up into groups that stay the same throughout the year.

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