Monday, June 20, 2011

science roadshow

It was nearly the end of a beautiful nice sunny afternoon, when Mrs lagitupu we were going to Tamaki College.As I mentioned why.She said in a nice calmly voice " we are going to the science road show". I grabbed my lunch and started to eat. In a excited voice i ran out of the street, to asked my friends what happened when they went down to Tamaki College.They said " it was cool i bet you can't wait to go". A little while later it was time to go.Reluctantly we walked down to Tamaki College.

As we walk in the door to see all of those fascinating experiments, we sat in row's on the chairs.The presenters were talking to another group of kids about our age. There school was called st Heller's and they were almost finished with there session.
As they walked out of our the room the presenters were introducing themselves to us.After that the tutor's introduced themselves they showed us how Oxygen, fuel, and heat makes fire. All the experiments they showed were pretty awesome. We learned how much body heat is in our body's.In our body's the temperature is about 37oc.

Once we learned as much as they told they let us go find out more information. So off we went! We split up into our groups to find out more information we could find. The groups were not working for our school.We all just walked around and forgot about the groups. I tried to stick with my group and help them, but it didn't work. I went off on my own watching everyone discuss about what they had found.

I found some interesting experiments that were left on there own until i found out what they were about. Some people had these cards that had these questions on it. Those questions were for the people who new the answer, and they would win a prize at the end of the day. There was this one that you had to pull the handle and push it down and the ball would come up.

After a while all of us would go back to our seats. Then the tutor's would discuss what we found out. Some people reluctantly still walked back to their seats. When they pronounced the winners we all walked reluctantly back to school.

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