Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cross Country for 2010

As I woke up I cringed' because I knew we ere having a team Cross Country. but I still got out of bed and walked to school reluctantly

In the cold and raining weather, surely it would be postponed in

this weather.

“No” our race is about to begin. The ten year old girls are starting to line up, and I can feel butterflies are starting to enter my body. They have come because I am so nervous. I’m panicking, my breath is coming hard I can’t stand to come last.

Right on cue Said “Mr Burt” as we lined up to go and race.

I was scared on your marks get set go. When I sore the other

Competitors spurting down the track. I through I was going to lose.

Half way around the field my energy drained out.

As we just gone out the gate all the spongy, watery, gluey,

And slimy mud went through my fingers as I slept and “splash”

I still got up and kept going until the very end. I can hear people cheering other people on. I looked up and saw Ala crossing the finish line and then Selena.I was like I need to get to the finish too,

I said in my head ( Champions never give up).

When I zoomed past lot’s of people I said in my head(yes I did it.)I know I didn’t come first or second but unless I crossed the finish line. As people were cheering me on and other people on, I just said in a tired, Trembling voice I have finally done it.

When I sat down on the grass, I felt tired. But I had a rest but my heart was still pounding. I felt worn down down. But when Mr Barks said Eight year old girls to the start line all the girls went. I asked mr Barks can I run again, I had confidence to run after I had

had rest to run with the eight year old girls.My leg weren’t tired enough.But Mr barks said “no”.

Cool Kiwis

It’s not that they are all small.The smallest is the little spotted kiwi and it is smaller then a rugby ball.

The biggest kiwi is about 45 cm tall and as big a rugby ball.

Female kiwis are larger then male kiwis.

The biggest kiwi is about 45cm tall. It is about as big as a rugby ball. kiwis are or can grow to a certain size like 45cm of height. But as you must know that the kiwis name is The Great Spotted kiwi.

I suppose people wouldn’t call kiwis bright coloured, they only have brown rough plumage. A kiwi skin is so rough that it is not as smooth as another birds. Other birds have beautiful plumage, but kiwis don’t they only have brown dull plain feathers. The most ridiculous thing is their bill.

Did you know that a kiwi is a flightless bird. Well many people think that kiwis have no wings, but they do, they hide underneath there brown plain plumage.They also have a curved claw at the end of their wing. If a kiwi was ment to fly they will need to have a tail.

Did you know kiwis use their legs for digging their borrows and running away from their preys.

kiwis have strong island legs and feet. They can also

out run a average person.

Female kiwis lay their eggs in the borrows, the father kiwi sits on the eggs for 2 and half months. It takes 3 days for the baby kiwi to hatch, when the baby kiwi comes out it cuddles up to it’s fathers plumage. As soon as the kiwi is about 6 months old it can leave it’s borrow and travels by it’s own.

Most birds can glide through the air kiwis can’t. Some birds have nice coloured feathers, but kiwis don’t. There is even a birds that can swim under ice cold water kiwis can’t do that.

And there you have it. How could you resist a big fat, strong rugby player legged, flightless bird, which is ugly and drab?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don’t no what is!