Monday, April 19, 2010


This term we are learning about volcanoes. I have found out lots of stuff abount volcanoes
because our topic is Active Earth. Active Earth is a really cool subject to do at school because
i like leraning about new stuff like volcanoes. Some volcanoes are extinct but they can still come
alive and erupt.When volcanoes erupt lots of lava comes out and after a while it will turn into hard rocks.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Camp highlights

"Hey!" I told myself, camp is today I remembered. As I walked to school I saw the lovely teachers, as they were putting up our tents. As I was walking around school I was thanking all the people who were putting up our tents.
My group travelled by car and van to rock climbing.My best rockclimbing wall was the king kong
wall because it was very easy for me to climb.I can tell you now that there was another wall that
was easy too, because it was just like a ladder but it had a ladder on both sides of the wall. I only climbed on one side of the wall.
"Yeah" I shouted "we are going to do camp cooking".
Camp cooking was one of my best highlights at camp too. When the camp cooking teacher arrived we set off to do cooking. The nice teacher said that we could try some of the food we made. When we set off back to our teacher we all said "thank you".Then she said, "We aren't finished yet." We were going to make marshmallow cookies.

On the last day of camp kindness all of the campers went to Swimarama and had a wonderful swim. When my group went on the hydro slide I was 4th in line to go down and when I went down I feared the slide because it was so dark in there. I was screaming to get out, thenI saw light and stopped screaming. When I was down I got out and started to laugh. I said to myself "Let's do it again".

When I got home I walked in the door tired and sleepy. I sat on my bed just about to close my eyes and I heard "Aneisha! Come here tell me about what happened at camp."
I said my best highlight was rock climbing, but it was all good.
by Aneisha

Early Settlers came to New Zealand to Farm

The early settlers came to New Zealand to farm.
There was lots of spare land here.
They bought the land from the Maori.

Swimming in the Holidays

Have you ever been up north? I have. It is so cool up there I didn’t want to leave.
We went to a place my uncles call it the waterhole. It is cool because you can’t touch the ground. Me and my sister jumped off a cliff that was high from the water.

2009 Blog Posts

In 2009 I was in Room 16 with Mr Palmer.
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