Thursday, November 17, 2011

Film Festival

Jumping with excitement as the little kids boarded the bus to Sylvia park. They set off on their journey to watch the the other school’s in the Manaiakalani cluster, and to enjoy their movies they have entered.

So as we boarded the bus I found a seat next to my friends. My class entered a movie it was about the pollution and the main actors was Sela, Helen, Tia,Kezia,and Tanielu. I was looking forward to watching our movies on the big screen.

Walking reluctantly into the movie theater made me worry about who and what was in there.
Sitting next to Maranda & Pharrah was really funny. As the people behind us thought we were eating lollies made us get into trouble with Mrs Clark. Then the movies started playing and people were cheering.The other school’s thought it was a competition on who can cheer the loudest.

The introduction was done by a girl name Tatiana from Tamaki Intermediate, while she was presenting the Manaialalani movies a loud cheer was heard. It came to the start of presenting the Manaiakalani film festival. All kinds of presenters went on stage and all schoolscreamed when 1 or 2 of there presenters went on.

The movies I liked was the one when the Tamaki college girl's were dancing and were covered in mud.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Space adventure

Something hit the ground and then... POP! There goes Saturn and then Neptune. What is going wrong here? Trying to attempt to make planets with balloons was out of control. Balloons were popping, planets were disappearing.

First we tried to do it outside but then it rained. We actually tried our experience on how much we learnt about our Solar System. Then students started co-operating together trying to help but it was just not working. SO then we got each sensible person to blow the balloons up, in many different colours. The one I liked best was Earth, the colour of Earth is blue but our one was orange.

The second attempt was very interesting, but again we ended up popping balloons.Our planets went in order from the one that was closest to the sun. Having a discussion about the universe was a change in many people's life, and what I mean by that is several people did not know that Pluto was a planet. Now it is called a dwarf planet. What a strange name.Learning about how the planets orbit around the sun was exciting.We did a comparison about, Mars,Venus,Neptune,Uranus,And many more.Demonstration and demonstration was getting a bit boring,in the end it was all worth it.

Mercury! I wonder if it is possible that we can live on that planet someday.Well If it was possible then I would just visit.Mercury is the fastest planet to move around the sun.Gravity in space is not like gravity we have here on earth, we have stronger gravity then space. Up in space we can float around in the air,that would be fun. Living on Earth is better,seeing nature running around in tress and on the ground is really cool,and fascinating.