Monday, December 12, 2011

Year 8 Role Model.

I am looking forward to being a year 8 to support the whole school. Helping teachers around the school and following the Point England way. This year was not a good start to being a role model. I have broken the school rules not once but over and again. I have learnt my lesson so I am looking forward to being a sensible person and care for others. Me and my friends have decided to join in several sports like Rugby, Netball, Touch, and many more. I will be responsible around the little kids and help them in any way I can. I also hope it is going to be an exciting year since it is our last.

The year 8’s now have really been a good role models, l and have helped many year 7’s know why it is good to follow in their foot steps. Paulitia has been a good friend and has helped me control my attitude towards teachers and students. I have really learnt how to act in front of teachers and students with the help of Paulitia.

What makes a good role model?

Helping others and taking charge of your own actions. Following the Point England way by not breaking the school rules.

Who is someone in year 8 that has been a good role model.

Paulitia has been a good role model because she has helped me through this year and some day I hope I can follow her and became a leader of this school.

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