Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First day of school.

Making my way to the front gate of the school my friends meet me half way. Standing in the rain I turned around and saw my little sister there in the rain. As I walk away my friends follow me to the street. Lining up in our class from last year made me think back of all the memories. Walking in the hall seeing all those people sitting down was a change, without the Yr 8's from last year it was empty and quiet. Hearing Mr Burt introduce himself I look around to see most of the Yr 8's from last year here. Like last year the Yr 7/8's make there way back to the street to get put into there new class, silently sitting there on the cold ground I close my eyes then suddenly I hear my get called out to be in Mr Harris class. Meeting new friends was a bit cool finding out what school they traveled from and how old they were. We got several new kids at our school this year meeting Helen this new girl in our class was funny. Funny I don't know why but I haven't meet new friends at school in ages. Since it was nearly Waitangi day we studied how the Treaty was signed and who signed it.

Finally morning tea, TIME to catch up with my friends.

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