Thursday, December 1, 2011

Athletics day.

ATHLETICS!! Wow what will my parents think if I rip my news letter all about Athletics?
I can just hear them growling me now. Athletics was a day of sports that many people came to support all there children. So I just gave the letter to my mum and ran away. As my mum call my name I sat in my room for a little while. Clothes I said in a little voice what colour group am I in. That’s right RED, but I did not find any red shorts so I grabbed my green shorts and ran out the door. Making my way to school I saw people walking around in house colours so I ran to the street and saw many of my friends.

Pharrah, and Pesi came to me and started talking about how excited and what people thought of what they were wearing. Off to the toilet to get changed I noticed Tina actually came for athletics. I as entered the street in green shorts people said are you in Matatua. I responded with NO I am in Te Aroha. Making our way to the field I was wondering who out of my family would come and support me and my sister. As we head to our first rotation I saw my aunty and cusin’s walking down the side path. Finally some one came! enjoying the first rotation I tried soft ball throw. I came 3rd and then eventually people came in places before me so I just left.

Moving on to the next rotation made me a bit nervous, but I just carried on doing the activity’s.

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