Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holiday Highlight

When the exciting holidays were almost over, I was exploring the lands on a beach near the duck pond with my family. As I run around on the hard sand with my cousins, out of the blue I get tired and I sat down. My little cousin’s caught me and started chucking the hard sand at my face. It was kind of funny at first, but then it got worse and worse, it was getting sorer and sorer. I got up and started running again, and then they got tired and they sat down. I just kept on running to where my Aunty was to take cover. I went back on the sand and started to play and then they came so I said to stop it and play, so they did and I carried on playing. It was lunch time and we had some chips and drinks. It was so nice, then I asked them to cover me with the sand. I just laid there like nothing was happening, then they started chucking sand at my face. I got up slow but I couldn’t, because the sand was to hard.
We went to the duck pond and started watching the ducks having a feed. All of them came to watch to but then I walked away and left them there. After that we had a swim,I went right out far, but I had to go back in because the kids were following me. So I went back in because of them. It was so boring because it was shallow and you couldn’t swim only lay on your stomach. With a feeling of tiredness we went home and had smoked fish and chips, It was so nice. I haven’t had smoked fish in a long time.

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