Friday, May 27, 2011


About 15 years ago something called a cellphone was invented. Back then three groups of people had them. Teenagers had them when they started college, also workers and adults had them too. Now in these days children have them, at the age of 7. I got mine when I was 5 or 4. Types of phones we have is, Nokia, Vodafone, Samsung, and many others. My phone is touch screen,and it comes with a little pen. Cellphones weren’t used by many people in NZ when Mrs Lagitupu was around, or any other teacher. A cellphone could do many things, like calling, texting, music, and others. The thing I like most was texting and calling. You can get text 2000, and free calling.

Well all phones are the same, but some aren’t. Some have internet and some don’t. People have got phones that certain simcards can work in, like Vodafone phones can’t use 2degrees simcards.
2degrees, phones can’t use vodafone sim cards.

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