Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Earning points.

In the senior classes we are collecting points to see what class behaves at the end of the term, to win a prize. So far our class is coming last, because we are too noisy, or we are talking when the teacher is talking. In first place is room 19 with 590 pts, and we only have 225. The goal is for us to
be quiet and sit up. But we also need to get stickers in our whole school assembly.

We need to practice how to sit still, stop talking, and behave better. We need about a hundred points to catch up to the next team, or maybe more. We need to catch up because it is embarrassing coming last. The way we can get points is doing the right thing, get stickers, sit up, and be a lunch box hero.

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Aneisha

Yes it is embarrassing coming last, so I hope that we can catch up to some of the other classes soon.