Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Holiday Highlight.

In the holidays my family and friends went to Rainbows End, to celebrate my cousin’s first birthday. As we arrived at the door of Rainbows End, I freaked out! I could hear the laughter and people crying. I thought to myself “should I say I don’t want to go inside?”. But then again I said I have to.

Going on the fear fall was the most scariest ride I could go on, apart from the Invader. The Invader was, I think, the most scariest ride too because it just spins and twists. Before we went on the rides we had to help set up the food and put stuff on the tables.

The first ride I ever went on was the Fear Fall. I was so surprised when I went to line up. No one was there, except a few people. Then I turned, and said “ why are there no people here with us?” Normally it was full of people. On the Fear Fall it was pretty scary, but I didn’t want to get off. We came down fast. Sitting next to me was these people who had tears coming down their face. The belts came off and I ran out. Standing there staring at me was my family. They all laughed. I wondered for a moment what was wrong. I was the only kid out of my cousin’s that went on. Then I laughed.

All the rest of my cousins were too scared of the ride. I could tell that at the end they all went on and I waited on the ground waiting for them to come out. Then the rest of my family and Il laughed at them because they were crying.

On all the other rides I didn’t fear to come on. The Invader was my worst nightmare ever. As we all got on the ride, we were scared because it looked like we were going to hit the ground. Moments later our fear disappeared somewhere and we just had fun. The next ride I went on was the roller coaster. It was pretty boring just going upside down.

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