Friday, August 19, 2011

Cross Country

As I woke up at half past 6 in the morning I looked for my bag and found a cross country notice, that said we had cross country today.I yelled quietly and ran back up the stairs and got ready for school. When my mum got up I said "can you write me a note"? She said " What for?" I said" we have cross country and I don't feel like running". My mum said "no" so I got some clothes to run in and went to school.

Meeting my friends at school and telling them what was happening I thought it was a dream. Suddenly it wasn't a dream it was real. I turned around to see people walking in with house colours. So my friends got changed and I waited at the front gate to find my other friends who weren't at school yet. Then I left because I waited for about half an hour.

A couple of mintes went by and suddenly I heard my name been called. It was the girl that I was waiting for. We started to walk around in the street until we had to go inside to get ready to go walk to the courts. I stepped foot inside our class room to find Mrs Lagitupu standing there asking us if we were changed in our running clothes. I said "no" so she said" go and get changed".

As we lined up to get ready to run I was so nervous. On your marks, set, go! We all started running faster and faster we went. I slowed down around the corner to find my way in front of Maranda. Seeing Mr Umu standing there guiding us through our run I thought to myself I don't want to do this, this is boring and tiring.

Standing there was Mrs Lagitupu yelling at us to keep jogging and power walking. I stopped and started talking to her saying "Mrs can I be a marshall like you? But I'd probably guide people the wrong way". She laughed and said "keep running". Ohh man! So I kept running and found myself running straight to Mr Jacobson. I ran past some of the girls to see Ala coming first.Then I kept running till I reached a point that I couldn't run any more.

Finally I found my way back through the gates to find other competitors that I challenged screaming at me to run. But I walked .Spectators and other student were watching me as I walked through the park. I looked up and started to jog.
I started to jog because of the people that were behind me, and also the spectators that were cheering me on. I didn't want to disappoint them by walking the whole way around the track. At the end of the day it all was a success, but I went home tired and my sisters didn't make it any worse.


Kimberly Lefferson said...


I enjoyed your story on cross country. I am not much of a runner either. Although, when I was younger and in fifth grade we had to run a mile every now and then in our physical education class. I didn't enjoy running but at that age all of my classmates and I were very competitive. So we would all run the mile to see who was the fastest in the class. The competition kept us encouraged to keep running and go as fast as we could to finish. There are some things that we just have to do even though we don't want to them.

It was interesting story.

Kimberly Lefferson

Pharrah said...

I enjoyed reading your cross country story it is really fantastic... I would like to read more of your stories.
Keep up the good work:)