Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tamaki Tech

All of the year 7/8 kids went down to Tamaki College for technology classes. As we walked down to Tamaki college one at a time, me and Tyla was walking and talking at the same time.

When we walked past, all the Tamaki College kids were getting smart. When we got inside to our station this lady magically appeared from the back. She said to wash our hands and put on a apron, then find a kitchen to stand next to and wait. Then she started talking about the rules.

By the way I'm in the food tech. When she was talking she said her name was Ms Heka. When she said we were going to make a some sticky buns I thought she was kidding. But in the end she wasn't. When she pulled out all the ingredients she said one at a time come and get your stuff you need and go back to your station. But she said to decide with your partners who was going to be the washer and dryer and packer awayer. So we decided.
I was the was the dryer.

As my friends from another class walked to their station I was wondering where they were going. They might be going to Electronics, wood, graphics or science.
Before we got ready to make our sticky buns the person who was washing the dishes had to go and get our trolley filled with all the kitchen stuff we needed. Me and Tyla and the other people in our group worked togther and made our lovely sticky buns. It wasn't that hard to make It.

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