Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Aneisha camp for 2012.

Three days at camp for me was exciting. Walking to school in the morning it was raining hard. I entered the school I looked straight ahead to see my friend Emilee, I dropped my bag at the entrance of the breeze because i didn’t want to walk in. Waiting and waiting outside the breeze I finally picked up my bag and walked in. I walked in the hall and asked Mrs Lagitupu what group i was in, She responded with “Respect Squad”. I put my bag down and left.

Our first activity was to practice our item, the time we had to practice our item we found our song and did a little bit of the actions. Then we started our next activity and that was Boxfit, Selina Lavaka was the best girl Boxer in our team. Nearly to the end of day one the teachers called our group to put up our tents, I think our group was the only group that didn’t put up our tents. Our first day finally came to a end after we had movie night.

Our movie was about Ben Carson and when he was growing up to be a Doctor.

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